Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

Light from Asia 04: The Love of Christ to the Japanese in Singapore: One Person from ARPC

September 14, 2018

From a traditional Chinese religious background, J encountered the grace of God through friends and church. Even her mother submitted to Christ through reading the Chinese Bible. While listening to a talk by Patrick Johnstone, J responded to an altar call to submit herself to missions in Japan. After attending another church, she came to ARPC and immediately became involved in the photography ministry, Drawn by Light. During this time J began exploring the Japanese Christian work in Singapore in the Japanese churches. She found a group reaching out to Japanese expatriates in Singapore led by a Japanese Christian couple. When they left, after much prayer she and her team started a Japanese/English language exchange cafe.  This was paired with one-on-one meetings with the Japanese participants.  Listen to this amazing story of God’s grace.

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