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God’s Mission, Our Vision

Was Man Born with a Good Nature? 人之初,性本善?

February 24, 2013

In the beginning, God created everything good, and man lived under the rule of God. The fall of man left people living in sins. Education and laws are ineffective in setting people free from the bondage of sins. Only the salvation of Jesus Christ can set you free. Do you want to be free from the bondage of sins? 神创造之初,一切都是美好的,人在神的管理下是善的。始祖的犯罪,使人生活在罪中。教育和律法无法除去人的罪,唯有耶稣的拯救,才能使人得自由。你愿意从罪的捆绑中的自由吗?