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God’s Mission, Our Vision

The Repentance of Nineveh (尼尼微的悔改)

July 17, 2012

In the mercy and grace of the LORD, Jonah was again sent to the city of Nineveh to proclaim the judgment the LORD will bring in 40 days.  The city repented! In our days, One greater than Jonah has come! He too has come to proclaim the rule of God.  Would we, like the Ninevites, respond in repentance, submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? For to live otherwise is to remain in the wrath of God! 耶和华的恩典,慈爱,再次将约拿带到尼尼微大城,去宣告40天后将临到的毁灭!大城里的男女,包括了王,听了这宣告,都谦卑悔改!朋友,圣经告诉我们,一位比先知约拿更大的人已经来到!对了,他就是耶稣基督。他来是宣告上帝的国度已经临到。我们是否也愿意象尼尼微城里的男女,谦卑悔改,求靠耶稣基督作我们生命的主宰?若不,我们将仍然活在上帝的烈怒底下,面对上帝将带来公义审判!