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God’s Mission, Our Vision

Jonah in New Testament (新约里的约拿)

July 29, 2012

Jesus came as the One greater than Jonah, for Jesus is not merely a prophet, but the beloved Son of God.  In rejecting the message of Jonah, the Ninevites will face severe judgment of God.  How much more would the consequences be, if we reject the gospel Jesus brings.  For we would be rejecting the Son of God, the only way for salvation. 一个比约拿更大的人已经来了,他就是上帝的爱子耶稣基督。尼尼微人若拒绝先知约拿的宣告,他们将面对严重的后果。如今,我们若拒绝耶稣带来的福音,我们更要面对上帝的公义忿怒,因为耶稣的福音是唯一能够拯救我们脱离这困境!