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God’s Mission, Our Vision

God is Awaiting for Your Return

July 8, 2012

Jonah ran away from God. But, God did not give up on him. Through disaster, God brought Jonah back to Him. Was God forcing Jonah to return to Him? Why did God orchestrate the event? God did not need to do so, but, because of His love and mercy, He wanted Jonah to come back to Him. Today, God has also prepare for us salvation, awaiting for us to go back to Him. 约拿逃离神的面。神藉着灾难,使约拿回到祂面前。为何神要这么做呢?因为神是有慈爱和怜悯,他不愿意约拿离开生命的源头。同样的,今天,神也为我们预备了救恩,等待我们回到祂那里去。