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God’s Mission, Our Vision

神要你得生命 God Desires to Give You Life

July 22, 2012

In Jonah 4, God showed His grace and mercy to Jonah. God let Jonah experienced discomfort, to teach Jonah about Him. Today, God may let us experience discomfort or suffering, not to punish us, but, to lead us to Him. For God want us to have eternal life. 在约拿书4章,神向约拿彰显祂的恩典与怜悯。神让约拿经历不舒适的环境,以教导约拿认识神。今天,神或许让我们经历不舒适的环境或苦难,不是要刑罚我们,而是要带领我们认识祂。因为神要我们得生命。