Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

2020 Vision: Seeing with God’s Eyes

Pastor Christopher Chia preaches on "2020 Vision: Seeing with God's Eyes" from Revelation 1:1-8.

Inglorious vs Glorious Living

Come listen to Pastor Chris Chia preaching from Psalm 53, Romans 1 and Revelation 7, 21 and 22, titled "Inglorious vs Glorious Living".

A Final Word

 If Jesus’ words are trustworthy and true, and his return is certain and near, then how ought we to respond as we wait for the fulfilment? Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches from the final words of Jesus to John in Revelation 22:6-21.

Come, Come

What is definitely happening in the future is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. How must we respond to this truth? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from the last chapter of Revelation.

Behold! I Have Made All Things New

It is tragic to live without hope in this world. Yet we do not have to remain this way. In the book of Revelations, the Lord Jesus left us words of hope so that we may know how to cope with the struggles and pain of this world. Are you going through a time of pain or feel like giving up? Or is the world becoming more attractive than Christ? This message is for you to not give up and stay faithful to Christ! Kenneth Goh preaches from Revelation 22.

This Is It!

How do we live with God's end in my mind? Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Revelation 21.

O Happy Day

Guest speaker Mike Raiter preaches from Revelation 19-20. How do we cope with the injustices in life?

The Only Prostitute We Should Gaze At

The vision of the prostitute in Revelation is given for us to know who she is, what she does, what happens to her and for us to resist her. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Rev 17-18.

Wrath from Heaven

As the overcomers sing about God’s justice and righteousness, seven angels pour out bowls of the seven last plagues that completes God’s wrath on deserving people who remain unrepentant. How should we live in light of God’s coming judgment? Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches from Rev 15-16

The Counterfeit God

The battle waged against us by Satan is real. But as a believer in Christ, our name is in the book of life because Jesus has  already won the victory. Satan mimics the true God to wage war against God and his people. These battles are fought at different levels: in the mega and prominent scale, churches & Christians are persecuted; at micro level these battles are constantly fought in our hearts. Rev 13 & 14 reveal to us what happens at the cosmic realm when these battles are fought. Pastor Joe Heng preaches.

At War with the Beasts

How does Satan’s proxies the two beasts wage war against God and His holy people? What are their schemes? More importantly, how are we to stand against them? Who will reign at the end? Brother Jason Kwek preaches from Revelation 13 & 14.

A Dragon from Heaven

An aggressive dragon attacks a woman and her child. This sign symbolises Satan’s relentless war against God’s people throughout history. How then can the church stand against the devil’s schemes? The answer must be Jesus, but learn how Jesus does that from Revelation 12. Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches from Revelation 12.

Satan on the Rampage against the Church

Revelation 12 teaches us persecution is evidence that Satan has been defeated in heaven and has been hurled to the earth. Believers overcome Satan by the blood of  the lamb and by the word of their testimony. So persecution is an indication of Satam's defeat not Satan's victory. Pastor John Ting preaches.

Scorned Now, Vindicated Later

What do we make of the two witnesses, the temple, Sodom, Egypt and a lot more in Rev 11? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches.

God’s Word from Heaven (Part 2)

Yes, God does speak to us. But what do we want him to say? How's that different to what he wants to say to us? Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Rev 9:1-21.

God’s Word from Heaven

What would we want God to say to us if He spoke to us? Come listen to God''s life-changing Word in Revelation 6-7. Pastor Chris Chia preaches.

A Word from Heaven

Is your life real or fake? Revelation 5 takes you into the heart of ultimate reality - heaven. What is at the heart of heaven? Pastor Chris Chia preaches.

Worship Upwards, Sideways and Downwards

Chapters 6-20 outline God's destiny for what will take place. But before this God gives the heavenly visions of chapters 4 and 5 to provide us with the big picture. John expounds worship - worship upwards  sideways and downwards. Pastor John Ting preaches.

The Unforgettable Letters 2

More unforgettable letters from Jesus to the churches in Revelation are letters for us as well. Pastor Chris preaches the 3rd of series of messages from John's Revelation.

The Unforgettable Letters

If Jesus were to speak to us, what would he say? Listen to Revelation 2 - it is Jesus’ love letter to his people in our fallen world. Pastor Chris preaches.