Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

The King’s Proclamation

Rev. Vaughan Roberts preaches "The King's Proclamation" from Mark 1.

From Death to Hope… From Hope to Faith, or Fear?

As we turn to Mk 16, the gloomy scene of the death of the Lord Jesus turns to one of hope, where we see Jesus resurrected by God in fulfilment of what God had promised Jesus and what Jesus had promised his disciples. Yet, strange enough, this scene is met by one of fear rather than faith. The question for us is: as we are reminded of Jesus’ resurrection this Easter, is our response one of faith (and hope), or one of fear? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

Jesus Was Dead

The Resurrection Story in Mark 16 ended rather abruptly. What could be its intended effect on us? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches.

Jesus Dead & Buried

Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Mark 15:33-47 on the many types of deaths - heroic, tragic, accident and "normal" - that we face. But what is so distinctive about Jesus' death that we have to sit up and listen? 

When God Abandoned His Son

No one could've died a lonelier death than Jesus when He was abandoned by all. Yet, when God abandoned His son, it gave access, reconciliation, life to us. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Mark 15:33-47. 

How Not to Crown a King

Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Mark 15:1-32 on the heartbreaking but life-saving last moments of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kill the King

The crucifixion of Jesus as King on the cross is both a divine imperative and an expression of dark and deep human depravity. Mark 15 shows us, how King Jesus was dishonoured and eventually killed. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

Betrayed & Abandoned

The last hours leading to the cross were full of emotions and actions. Jesus resisted the temptation to abandon the cross by going to the Father in agonising prayers for the cup to be removed from Him, but not Jesus’ will be fulfilled but the will of His Heavenly Father. Alone in these last hours, Jesus headed to the cross. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Mark 14:53-72.

Jesus, Gethsemane & Us

Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Mark 14:32-72 on the final and most sorrowful moment of Jesus at the Gethsemane.

Denial, Double-Cross, or Devotion?

Who are the people who prepared Jesus' "funeral"? In what ways were the arrangements done? Listen to this sermon by Pastor Adrin Muñoz from Mark 14:1-31

Good Versus Bad Endings

Pastor Chris Chia preaches on Mark 14 about the final 2 world-changing days of the Lord Jesus' life. Find out how his "bad" ending affects us all.

The End

Pastor Chris Chia preaches from Mark 13 on the game-changing truth of Jesus' teaching of the end of Jerusalem, the end of God's Temple and the end of world. Listen to how it impacts your life.

Signs of the End

The Lord Jesus shows his disciples the signs of the end, both in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and at the coming of the Son of Man. How are we to wait for Jesus to return? Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches from Mark 13.

Receiving the Messiah and Lord

As Jesus enters Jerusalem and goes to the temple in Mark 11:1-25, he acts in a manner contrary to the people’s expectations. In this way, Mark 11:1-25 challenges us in terms of our own expectations of who Jesus is and what he has come to do — will we receive the Messiah and Lord based on our own expectations, or will we receive him for who he truly shows himself to be? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

The Holy Temple

We all seek to bear fruit in our efforts, and we fear that we have nothing to show for our efforts. But what exactly are the kind of fruit that God is looking for in our lives? Let us find the answers from this passage from the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Lim Luck Yong preaches from Mark 11:1-25.

Following Jesus “on the Way”

How are disciples to follow Jesus "on the way"? Jesus teaches us his way, and we see a negative example and a positive one in Mark 10:32-52. Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches.

Reminders or Recalcitrance?

Pastor Chris Chia preaches on Jesus’ final words from Mark 10:32-52 in the days of the Lord's life-saving ministry. 

Loss Is the New Gain

What sort of loss does Jesus call us to suffer so that we may reap the gain He's promised? Listen to this sermon on Jesus' radical teaching on marriage, divorce, and wealth. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Mark 10:1-31.

Greatness and Smallness

Pastor Chris preaches on Jesus’ teaching of true discipleship from Mark 9.

Small Is the New Great

The call to deny one's self in following Jesus entails giving up dreams of being great, but aspiring to be small instead. How does Jesus teach that to his disciples and us? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Mark 9:14-41.