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Light from Asia 009: ARPC Mandarin Ministry: Part Two

It is indeed good news that God the Father sent Jesus to die for our sins.  Who will receive this news? Who will be brought to new life by this calling? No doubt it is for our friends and colleagues. It is for the unreached across the oceans. What is more, it is for our parents and the elderly among us.  Jackson says, "I've seen elderly who came to know the Lord in their the years they've shown themselves to love God deeply, to love God's word deeply." Today we will hear from one Singaporean who discovered that God would use him to point others to Jesus. 

This is the second instalment featuring the ARPC Mandarin Ministry.  Last time in episode 8 we heard from Juliana.  Today Jackson shares his perspective.

Light from Asia 008: ARPC Mandarin Ministry: Part One

Today we hear from Juliana. Like many Singaporeans, English is her primary language.  Her parents may have been born before Singapore’s independence, but she grew up in a much more developed country.
Her passion is to share Jesus with people who are different from her.  She does this in the ARPC Mandarin Ministry. Two barriers make this difficult.  She must communicate in Mandarin. Secondly, she must overcome a wide generation gap.  Most of the people in the Mandarin Ministry are over 60 years old.  The culture of these seniors developed at a very different time in history.  So their beliefs and priorities are very different from the younger generations.  Thus, Juliana must cross over to speak another language and be able to communicate Jesus to another generation.  Wui Chiuen discovers her story.

Light from Asia 007: Living as Foreigners Wherever We Are


When Hwee Yen moved from Singapore to the US, she struggled to understand her identity.  She had stopped her work to support her husband’s graduate studies and care for her children.  It was a new place, a new role, and even no community.  Eventually, she and her husband learnt to depend on Christ alone, and began to share the blessings of Christ with Chinese living in the US.  Now back in Singapore she counts herself as a foreigner, living to bring God’s eternal kingdom into the hearts of people.  Listen to her story. 


Light from Asia 006: Putting Jesus first in Singapore and Japan: Mark’s Perspective

What part do I have to play in God’s Mission to the nations? The focus of Mark’s work in Singapore has been to help people answer this question. This work is called mobilization. He also worked as a missionary in Japan. Listen to Mark’s story.

Light from Asia 005: God’s Justice to Marginalised Women in Taiwan: Sin Ee’s Story

What does justice mean? How do we practice justice? Hear practical advice and inspiring stories from Sin Ee.  She is a missionary sent by ARPC to bring justice and the gospel to women on the margins in Taipei, Taiwan.  

Followership: Summary of the talks at Church Camp 2018 Is What Inequality Looks Likeby You Yenn Teo; Generous Justiceby Tim Keller; learn more about church ministries like BBGB, Rhoda and Tabitha;  Supporting Working Class Women in Taiwan; Micah 6:8; Job 31:13-18; Psalm 68:4-6; Ephesians 3:20; Luke 12:48

Light from Asia 04: The Love of Christ to the Japanese in Singapore: One Person from ARPC

From a traditional Chinese religious background, J encountered the grace of God through friends and church. Even her mother submitted to Christ through reading the Chinese Bible. While listening to a talk by Patrick Johnstone, J responded to an altar call to submit herself to missions in Japan. After attending another church, she came to ARPC and immediately became involved in the photography ministry, Drawn by Light. During this time J began exploring the Japanese Christian work in Singapore in the Japanese churches. She found a group reaching out to Japanese expatriates in Singapore led by a Japanese Christian couple. When they left, after much prayer she and her team started a Japanese/English language exchange cafe.  This was paired with one-on-one meetings with the Japanese participants.  Listen to this amazing story of God’s grace.

Light from Asia 03: The Ups and Downs of Life in Another Culture: Beth’s Journey  

How do missionaries deal with cross-cultural stress and other challenges when entering a new environment? How does God’s power work within and through them amidst their struggles? Listen to Beth, a missionary with OMF, share about her family’s experience in Japan and Singapore, and their upcoming return to Japan. Learn how you can pray for God’s work in Japan and what you could do to deepen your passion for missions.


Light from Asia 02: Is a Christian a leader or a servant? A conversation with Pastor Luck Yong and missionary Mark  

Pastor Luck Yong and missionary Mark discuss Christian leadership at the ARPC missions roundtable. What is a Christian leader?  Someone who tries to influence people towards God’s purposes. Servanthood is not pleasing people but leading people to do what God wants them to do.  

A leader puts together the jigsaw puzzle of the body of Christ to build them up. One of the privileges of leadership is being stretched. Christian leaders submit to God. Example: David submitted to King Saul and trusted God. The challenge of giving feedback to leaders. You grow as a leader by growing in your present circumstances. Example: Moses said God would make a way.

References: 1 Corinthians 12; Hebrews 13:17; 1 John 2:9; Ephesians 5:21-6:17; 1 Samuel 24; Exodus 14; Romans 12:1  

Light from Asia 01: Missions at Doorstep by Pastor Chris

ARPC goes MAD (Missions At our Doorstep). There are many foreigners among us. Remember the love of Christ who died for us. Indeed Christ’s love compels us. Persecution is not an obstacle to evangelism. FEAR: false evidence appearing real. Suffering is expected for Christ’s followers. We overcome Satan with the armour of God.  The power of one: “You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” One friend, one conversation, one prayer, etc.  

References: 2 Corinthians 5:14-15; Matthew 10:26-31; 2 Corinthians 4; Ephesians 6:10-20; Matthew 25:23;

Music by Lee Rosevere