Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

The Communal Plea for Restoration

How is restoration possible? Listen to this sermon preached by Pastor Roger from Lamentations 5.

“..Because of the Leaders”

Pastor John Ting preaches from Lamentations 4 showing the leaders' responsibility for Judah's punishment and implications we can draw from it.

Hope for Sorrow

The Griffiths Family lead the Family Service @ ARPC this weekend. Watch this video.

The God of Sorrow

Do we have a blind side about God –– that He is a loving God but not an angry God? In this sermon, Pastor Chris leads us to probe our lives for apostasy, idolatry and immorality brought about by a blind side.

The Sorrow of God

What is true sorrow? What is real joy? Good grief? Bad grief? Listen to this first of a series sermon from Lamentations by Pastor Chris Chia.