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God’s Mission, Our Vision

September 5, 2017

We Are Forgiven in Christ!

Christ, the worthy High Priest & the unblemished sacrifice, has once & for all dealt with the problem of sin. We are forgiven people. We live our lives wherever reflecting our new status in Christ. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Hebrews 9:1-10:18.

May 3, 2017

The Proud Men in God’s Hand

Daniel 5 is about God's encounter with two kings. God dealt graciously with them to bring them to their knees.  They took great pride in their power & position without acknowledging that their lives were in fact in the hands of the Sovereign God.  Similar to these two kings, we too live our lives taking pride in the blessings we have in our lives.  We treasured the gifts and ignore the Giver.  We neither give thanks nor glorify God. The accounts of these two kings acts as a warning to our prideful lives.  Will we heed the warning & turn our boast in self to boast in the Lord? Pastor Joe Heng preaches

April 19, 2017

God of Wisdom & Revealer of Mystery

As finite man & woman, our knowledge is confined to the present. However, we constantly struggle with not knowing our future would be like. We want to know but we cannot. Nebuchadnezzar too wanted to know what his future holds. God wanted God revealed to him in a troubling dream which no one can explain to him except Daniel. God revealed the mystery to him. Do you struggle to understand your future? Hear what God had to say to Nebuchadnazzer. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Daniel 2.

December 16, 2016

Do You Need a Saviour and Do You Know This Saviour?

This Christmas, God is telling us we need a Saviour. God is telling us not to look high & low, left & right or look to yourself to find that saviour, look to Jesus, He is the Saviour I sent. This Saviour is the Son of God, who is the show us God. He is the Creator God. Out of love, He died for our sin. He defeated death to reconcile us back to God. Pasto Joe Heng preaches

November 18, 2016

In God’s Good Hand

Ezra was in the good hand of God. Ezra responded to his privileged position by abiding in the Lord & chose to go God's work, God's way for God's Glory. Pastor Joe Heng preaches Ezra 8.

March 10, 2016

Welcome the King and His Kingdom

The true King, Jesus, broke into our sinful human history to establish His Kingdom here on earth.  He did this to confront our hearts till they are transformed to be in love with God once again. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Matthew 3.
December 15, 2015

A Promise Fulfilled

The birth of Christ is a fulfillment of God’s long-awaited promise –– from an unexpected source, in an unexpected way –– guaranteeing the promise of a new heaven and new earth. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Micah 5:2 & Luke 2:1-35. 
September 2, 2015

The Counterfeit God

The battle waged against us by Satan is real. But as a believer in Christ, our name is in the book of life because Jesus has  already won the victory. Satan mimics the true God to wage war against God and his people. These battles are fought at different levels: in the mega and prominent scale, churches & Christians are persecuted; at micro level these battles are constantly fought in our hearts. Rev 13 & 14 reveal to us what happens at the cosmic realm when these battles are fought. Pastor Joe Heng preaches.
May 26, 2015

The Great Reversal

Life is full of reversals, twists & turns. Without God the Master Director, each reversal, twist & turn are like unfathomable random dots.  However with God the Master Director joining each dots, they will eventually form a beautiful picture.  This beautiful picture is God's redemptive work.  It is much more beautiful than the salvation of the Jews in Esther 8.  Let's discover together how Esther 8 adds to this beautiful picture of God's redemptive work. Pastor Joe Heng preaches.

November 13, 2014

The Just and Merciful God

The book of Amos recorded the prophesy of impending judgment that God will be bringing to Israel because Israel had failed the Plumb Line Test.  In Amos 7, we catch a glimpse of the compassionate God & His prophet in action.  At the same time, God also demonstrated that He is Just in bringing judgement upon a rebellious people.  Justice is necessary because God is just.  Mercy & grace are equally real because God acted in  grace and mercy by sending Amos to warn the people of the impending judgement giving them a chance to repent.  How then does God hold justice and mercy together? Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Amos 7.

August 28, 2014

God & His Grace

Paul & the believers of his time are not super Christian as they encountered waves upon waves of persecution and impending imprisonment. Paul was able to keep proclaiming the Good News and bring encouragement everywhere he went because he believed and trusted in the Super God whose word of grace was able to build one up and gave an imperishable inheritance to every one who trust in the Lord.
This is the same Super God that we believed and put out trust in today.  Thus we too can put our trust in God and His word of grace as we journey through different seasons of our life. Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Acts 20:1-38.
December 15, 2013

The Christmas Story Continues…

Jesus, the Word and Creator, took on humanity to make the Father known. This Jesus was born on Christmas Day to bring us redemption.

July 28, 2013

Life-Changing Parables (by Joe Heng)

Pastor Joe Heng preaches from Luke 13:10-46. What has the Kingdom of God got to do with us in the 20th Century.  In Luke 13:10 to 14:1-6, Jesus confronted the religious leaders and the Jewish people on their understanding of what the Kingdom of God is like.  In each encounters, they have to make a respond, enter into this Kingdom that Jesus is bringing through repentance and submitting or continue to work their way into the kingdom.  Entering into the Kingdom of God Jesus is ushering in brings salvation & restoration.  Continuing in work based entry will bring judgement.

We too are confronted in the way we will receive God's kingdom.  God calls us to enter into His Kingdom through repentance and submission. We cannot work our way into God's kingdom.