Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

The Mystery and Wonder of Christmas

Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches on "The Mystery and Wonder of Christmas" from Philippians 2:5-11

Peace Not War

Come and listen to God’s word about the best thing that has already happened in and through Christ. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches from Ephesians 2:11-22.

The Promised Holy Spirit

Synopsis of John 14:15-31 by Pastor Jeffrey Quek.
What comfort did Jesus left behind to his disciples when returning to his Heavenly Father? Let’s find out from John 14:15-31.


Don’t Get It Wrong

We view life thinking that what we see is what we get. Often we don’t realize even what we perceive is coloured by our own prejudices and biases. So, how can we rightly perceive what is true?
Let’s come and listen to Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaching from John 12:12-50 what are some ways we can perceive rightly.

Can Anyone Be Trusted

Hear what Prophet Micah has to say, when society is corrupt and the foundational family values fail. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches from Micah 7.

Paul’s Parting Words On

In the final chapter of 1 Corinthians, the apostle Paul exhorts Christians, to what are some ways that characterise New Testament believers.

Food Sacrificed to Idol

Ps Jeff Quek speaks on food sacrificed to idol from 1 Corinthians 8.

The Goodness of Doing Nothing (Part 1)

Pastor Jeff looks at REST from different passages of the Old Testament Pentateuch.

Rest - The Goodness of Doing Nothing (Part 2)

Pastor Jeff Quek preaches on rest from Rev. 21:1-4.

Kill the King

The crucifixion of Jesus as King on the cross is both a divine imperative and an expression of dark and deep human depravity. Mark 15 shows us, how King Jesus was dishonoured and eventually killed. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

Kingdom of Rock

There are many ways to seek interpretation for dreams. However, there is only one, whom can tell and interpret dreams. Let's find out whom this revealer of mysteries is and hence assured of hope in the midst of threats and sufferings from Daniel 2. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

God the Builder

When faced with life’s unpleasantries, inertia can easily set in. Come and listen, how God helps us move on in life and builds His us for the worship of Him. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

Disciples Love Witnessing

As disciples it is almost a given to witness for Christ. However, inertia seems to be more the likely outcome. What must we know to make witnessing for Christ a lifestyle habit?  Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches from Eph 1:3-14 and 3:1-21.


Often we go about our day thinking we will have another day to live to do our things. But do we? Listen and find out why we should not go about living without knowing God, who according to His good purpose can change world and personal events. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

Blind See, Sighted Blind

As sighted people, we think we can see clearly. Often we don’t see clear enough the obvious in us. Sadly, there’s spiritual deterioration in our vision when we are blind to our own faults. Jesus, The Light, is the only One who can save us from our spiritual darkness. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches from John 9:35-41.

Are you Arrested?

Many things in life capture our attention. Yet not many things in life are important for life and living. The question is not by what but by whom we should be caught. Come and be arrested by God and His word for meaningful and purposeful living. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches from Acts 23:12-25:12.