Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

Life Outside Eden

How life looks like outside Eden? Come listen to Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Genesis 4.

The Christmas Announcement 

On the first Christmas, God sent the angel Gabriel to make a major announcement to a young virgin Mary, come and listen in to find out what the announcement is about, and how it affects your life. Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Luke 1:26-38

New Life in Christ

In hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget what our New Life in Christ looks like. Listen to Pastor Jason Kwek as he preaches from Ephesians 2:1-10

The Runaway Prophet

Why did Jonah run from God? What can we learn from God's dealing with Jonah? How can we apply those key lessons in our lives? Listen as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Jonah 1.

The Lord’s Prayer

As Jesus face the coming of His hour, in the face of suffering, betrayal and finally death on the cross. What would Jesus pray for? Listen as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from John 17

What Did You Come To See?

Listen to find out what Jesus unveils about the coming of His Hour. Pastor Jason Kwek preaches John 12:12-50

For God So Loved The World

What is the true meaning of Christmas? Listen as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches on John 3:16-17

The Promise of Peace

What would God do to clear Israel’s mess of corruption & grant her true peace?
Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Micah 5.

Our Rights Can Be So Wrong

What does durians have to do with Paul’s teaching on giving up our rights for the sake of love? Listen to find out, as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from 1 Corinthians 8-9.


The Rest of God

Singapore is one of busiest nations in the world. We work hard and rest little.
The problem of overworking has detrimental effect on our physical, mental and spiritual health. Learn the importance of rest, as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Exodus 16.

Just Judge Judges Judah

What happened when Judah crossed the line and continued in her wicked ways?
How would God judge wickedness in Judah and purge Jerusalem of evil?
What would be the fate of those who continue to rebel against God’s judgment?
Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from 2 Kings 24-25.

Is There No God in Israel?

Learn how God addresses the folly of an evil king. Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from 1 Kings 22:5-2 Kings 1:18.

Desperate Times, Desperate Kings

The Christmas story told from the lens of the Old Testament. Listen to find out how Jesus fulfills what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, to bring light to a dark and fallen world. Pastor Jason Kwek preaches.

Faithful Response to a Faithful God

Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Hebrews 10:19-39 on responding faithfully to a faithful God.

Work and Retirement

In our world today, there’re differing views on retirement. Most cannot wait to retire, yet others are fearful to retire. Jason Kwek preaches about the biblical view of retirement.

Mary’s Merry Christmas

Has Christmas lost its magic for you? Come discover the reason for Mary’s joy behind The Magnificat, and rekindle our excitement for Christmas. Jason Kwek preaches from Luke 1:46-55

A Wealth of Wisdom

Need wisdom to handle your wealth well? Let God’s wisdom from the Book of Proverbs help shapes the way we view & handle our wealth. Jason Kwek preaches from Proverbs.

At War with the Beasts

How does Satan’s proxies the two beasts wage war against God and His holy people? What are their schemes? More importantly, how are we to stand against them? Who will reign at the end? Brother Jason Kwek preaches from Revelation 13 & 14.