Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

Graced for Holiness

What is God's purpose behind bringing the exiles back to Jerusalem and behind Ezra's relocation? Pastor Adrin Muñoz gives the summary sermon for the Book Ezra.

Second Chances

Come find out what stands in the way of Israel's second chance with God in the last two chapters of Ezra. Pastor Edmund Fong gives the sermon from Ezra 9-10.

In God’s Good Hand

Ezra was in the good hand of God. Ezra responded to his privileged position by abiding in the Lord & chose to go God's work, God's way for God's Glory. Pastor Joe Heng preaches Ezra 8.

Our Journey Home

Pastor Chris Chia preaches on Ezra 8 about the perils and joy of journeying under God.


How does God bring about a turnaround in our lives? Pastor Chris Chia preaches on Ezra 7.

Undeniably the Handiwork of God

Ezra 7 records for us undeniable proofs of God's good hand upon Ezra. But what is the Lord's ultimate purpose in bringing him back to Jerusalem? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches.

God the Builder

When faced with life’s unpleasantries, inertia can easily set in. Come and listen, how God helps us move on in life and builds His us for the worship of Him. Pastor Jeffrey Quek preaches.

Unstoppable God

Pastor Chris Chia preaches on expecting opposition yet expecting God to overcome our hardship from Ezra 5-6.

The Many Faces of Adversary

Everything was going fine so far for the returned exiles but danger and difficulties were just round the corner for the faithful. May we also heed the warnings from long ago as we hear God's Word today in Ezra 4. Pastor Roger Chia preaches.

Almighty over the Mighty and the Tiny

Whenever we are tempted to think that things "just so happened", think again. Ezra 1-2 show us that God is behind all events to achieve restoration and salvation for His people. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Ezra 1-2.