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God’s Mission, Our Vision

April 4, 2018

From Death to Hope… From Hope to Faith, or Fear?

As we turn to Mk 16, the gloomy scene of the death of the Lord Jesus turns to one of hope, where we see Jesus resurrected by God in fulfilment of what God had promised Jesus and what Jesus had promised his disciples. Yet, strange enough, this scene is met by one of fear rather than faith. The question for us is: as we are reminded of Jesus’ resurrection this Easter, is our response one of faith (and hope), or one of fear? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

February 15, 2018

Receiving the Messiah and Lord

As Jesus enters Jerusalem and goes to the temple in Mark 11:1-25, he acts in a manner contrary to the people’s expectations. In this way, Mark 11:1-25 challenges us in terms of our own expectations of who Jesus is and what he has come to do — will we receive the Messiah and Lord based on our own expectations, or will we receive him for who he truly shows himself to be? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

January 4, 2018

Wherein Lies Your Confidence

As we end one year and start the next, let God's Word from Philippians 3:1-11 remind us where our confidence is to be found in. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches this New Year's Eve sermon.

November 7, 2017

When Death Is Better Than Life (Lament As Worship)

Job’s reply to Eliphaz and his lament in Job 6-7 shows that there is a place for lament as valid speech to God and even as worship of God. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

October 31, 2017

When Theology Fails

Despite a fine and sound wisdom and theology presented to Job in his suffering, Eliphaz's theology ultimately fails him. Come and listen to how the God of our theology does not fail us, when our theological systems can. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Job 4-5.

September 28, 2017

Running THE Race

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and run THE (most important) race that you and I will ever run. Running the race well will involve i) accepting discipline as a good thing from the love of God ii) walking in holiness and not forsaking our inheritance iii) realising where we are running this race from and iv) knowing the kingdom we will receive in the end. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Hebrews 12.

July 20, 2017

A Fitting Salvation

Come and hear how God's fitting plan of salvation for mankind involves Jesus identifying with us by taking on our full humanity and triumphing over death as he does so. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Heb 2:5-18.

May 2, 2017

Proud Kingdoms Fall but the Kingdom of the Lord Endures Forever

God is the one who gives rulers their reign and their kingdoms, and he is the one who takes it back in his due time. Come and hear how this theme is worked out in the life of Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian kingdom in Dan 4–5 and hence, our rightful response and attitude. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

February 4, 2017

Kingdom Dinner Dynamics

Jesus, when invited to a meal by the Pharisees, takes the opportunity to teach us about the kingdom of heaven's dinner social dynamics: one where life is affirmed, the proud humbled and true generosity displayed. This is a dinner where we must not presume we will be there, but instead must make every effort to be there by accepting the invite offered by Jesus. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

January 3, 2017

Remembering the Grace of God this Christmas

By looking at the parable of the vineyard, let us remember the grace of God this Christmas season. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Matt 20:1-19.

December 1, 2016

Second Chances

Come find out what stands in the way of Israel's second chance with God in the last two chapters of Ezra. Pastor Edmund Fong gives the sermon from Ezra 9-10.

March 3, 2016

Jesus Fulfills Scripture

In what seems like a series of 'wrong' guests, 'wrong' events and 'wrong' moves, God turns things around to a series of 'right' guests, 'right' events and 'right' moves to show that Jesus fulfill Scripture. 

February 18, 2016

Discipleship & Spiritual Warfare

Even as we follow the Lord Jesus, Eph 6 tells us to be ready for intense spiritual warfare against the devil and his cohorts. Come hear how we can i) understand better the reality of the devil and spiritual warfare ii) understand when the devil is at work iii) understand how the devil works (with the help of C.S. Lewis) and iv) most importantly, resist the devil. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Ephesians 1.

December 8, 2015

The Mystery and Miracle of Christmas

"Where are you, O Lord?" is a frequent question found on many of our lips, at one point or another in our lives. Come and find out how the event of Christmas answers to that question in its own miraculous and mysterious way—God with us, Emmanuel. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Isa 7:14, John 3:16.
October 13, 2015

Wisdom for Life

In life, we often have to choose whether to enter the house of Lady wisdom or the house of Lady folly. Come and hear why we should choose lady wisdom's house, especially when in Christ, that wisdom has been fully fulfilled and manifested in. Pastor Edmund preaches from Proverbs 7-9.
February 22, 2015

What God Does, Jesus Does

What if somebody were to be able to do the things that only God can do? What would that make of that particular person? Come and see and respond to Jesus as he shows us what God does... he does too. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from John 5:1-30.

February 15, 2015

Jesus, the Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Come and see how a Samaritan woman finds answers to the deepest questions of her life as Jesus converses with her over an encounter by the well. From satisfying a need to quench her physical thirst, she meets the one who can truly quench everyone's spiritual thirst! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from John 4.
September 23, 2014


Come hear how the unstoppable God fulfills his purpose in Acts by bringing his servant Paul all the way to Rome, which in Luke's eyes forms 'the ends of the earth'. The question remains for us - are we going to be unstoppable in the things God wants us to stop in? Or are we going to be unstoppable in the things God has given to us to persevere in? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches the Sunday sermon from Acts 27-28.

May 20, 2014

Blessed Is the Man Whose Sin Is Covered

Suppression and an unwillingness to confess his sins led the psalmist in Ps. 32 to be in a terrible wretched state, while free and honest confession of his sin before God liberated him. Come and listen and find out in what way honest heartfelt confession of our sins before God is good for our soul. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

May 6, 2014

The Christ Forsaken?

"Eloi, Eloi, lamasacthani?" (My God, my God why have you forsaken me?) What does it mean for the psalmist to say that in ps 22? And what does it mean for the Lord Jesus Christ to say that in his dying breath as he hung on the cross? And does that have anything to do with our own experiences of feeling forsaken? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Psalm 22.