Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

A Time To Celebrate!

Oftentimes, we may yearn fondly to our traditional festivals, and yet we may suffer from them. So how should Christians celebrate our festivals? Ps Luck Yong presents an overview of what the Bible says about the festivals instituted by God, and from which we draw lessons on how to apply these lessons to the celebration of our traditional festivals such as the Chinese New Year. Pastor Lim Luck Yong preaches from Genesis 1:14-19 & Colossians 2:13-17

The Upside and Downside of Money

There is an upside and a downside to money. Money can be deceptive in terms of what is true gain, what is true value and where true security lies. Money is to be shared and enables people  to be rich in good deeds. Pastor John Ting preaches.

The Prayer of Agur

We must have heard The Prayer of Jabez but little about The Prayer of Agur. A look at the prayer of the latter will show why it isn't as popular as Jabez's. What does Agur's prayer have to teach us? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches.

Money and Death

It was John MacArthur who once said that how one views money is an effective spiritual barometer. Listen to Elder Ho Yew Kee preach the second of a series of sermons on money.