Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

Last Words

Come hear the Apostle Paul's last words to proclaim the gospel and finish well in the gospel. Most of all, come hear the last words of a man whose entire life was consumed by the gospel and caught up with the person of the Lord Jesus. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from 2 Tim 4:1-8.

In These Last Days Stand Firm When You Face False Teachers

Paul warns against false teachers. John Ting shares his personal experience as a victim of gross false teaching and points to the practise of the Bereans (Acts 17.11) as a model to follow.

Is God in This?

When God detours us from the good and comfortable life we expected from Him, we tend to think it is temporal, forgetting that the Christian life is a call to suffer for Christ. Pastor Chris Chia preaches from 2 Timothy 2.

What Are You Ashamed of?

Suffering in the Christian life may lead to the wrong response – that God has abandoned me, that He's not real after all. Pastor Chris Chia preaches from 2 Timothy 1, showing us the right response.