Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

The Good Fight of the Faith

Paul's main point in his letter to Timothy can be summed up by this line: Fight the good fight of the faith. What does it entail to fight such a fight? Pastor Adrin Muñoz gives the summary for 1 Timothy.

Why Live This Way?

Why be good when everyone's bad? Why keep fit only to decay? Why live only to die? Most of us live with no relation to reality? Come listen to 1 Timothy to know why we should live God's way. Pastor Christopher Chia inspires us to live God's way.

Qualities Required in Church Leaders

Some elders of the Ephesian church had become false teachers. Paul drew up a list of qualities required to be an elder or deacon. His intention was that in applying the list this would hopefully screen out potential false teachers and lift up the quality of elders and deacons. Pastor John Ting preaches from 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

What God Wants of Us

1 Timothy 2 shows us what God wants of His people - of men and women, as a corrective of behaviors that have resulted from false teachings. Pastor Chris Chia preaches.

Why Bother with Good vs Bad?

We live in a world where there are no absolutes. What's right and wrong? What's bad and good? It does not seem to matter until we personally face the repercussions of the bad. Pastor Christopher Chia preaches on 1 Timothy 1 which addresses the need to discern between right and wrong.