Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

The Wonder of Man and Woman

Pastor Christopher Chia preaches from Genesis 2:4-25

Seeing Our Identity Clearly

What is the place and purpose of man and woman in creation? According to humanity’s “owner’s manual” in Genesis 2:4-25, God created man and woman, as equal but different, to serve him in his good creation. Pastor Tan Sern Khoon preaches from Genesis 2:4-25.

Seeing Our Beginnings Clearly

Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preaching from Genesis 1:1-2:3.

God—The Master Creator and Showman

Many would like Genesis 1 to answer so many questions. Yet this chapter seeks to answer the most important question: Who is God and why did He create us? Pastor Adrian Muñoz preaches from Genesis 1:26-31. 

Why We Need Jesus (Genesis 4)

Listen to Talk 4 of "In the Beginning" (Equip Conference) by Alasdair Paine.

What Went Wrong (Genesis 3)

Listen to Talk 3 of "In the Beginning" (Equip Conference) by Alasdair Paine.

The Relationship We Need (Genesis 2)

Listen to Talk 2 of "In the Beginning" (Equip Conference) by Alasdair Paine. 

Meet Your Maker (Genesis 1)

The opening chapters of GENESIS are written to answer questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Why is life both beautiful & tragic? Where is real hope? 

Listen to Talk 1 of "In the Beginning" (Equip Conference) by Alasdair Paine, the Vicar of St Andrew the Great (StAG) church – a well known Evangelical Church – in Cambridge, UK. He is part of the Keswick Convention, an annual Bible teaching event in England’s Lake District.