Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

What God Does, Jesus Does

What if somebody were to be able to do the things that only God can do? What would that make of that particular person? Come and see and respond to Jesus as he shows us what God does... he does too. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from John 5:1-30.

Jesus, the Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Come and see how a Samaritan woman finds answers to the deepest questions of her life as Jesus converses with her over an encounter by the well. From satisfying a need to quench her physical thirst, she meets the one who can truly quench everyone's spiritual thirst! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from John 4.


Come hear how the unstoppable God fulfills his purpose in Acts by bringing his servant Paul all the way to Rome, which in Luke's eyes forms 'the ends of the earth'. The question remains for us - are we going to be unstoppable in the things God wants us to stop in? Or are we going to be unstoppable in the things God has given to us to persevere in? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches the Sunday sermon from Acts 27-28.

Blessed Is the Man Whose Sin Is Covered

Suppression and an unwillingness to confess his sins led the psalmist in Ps. 32 to be in a terrible wretched state, while free and honest confession of his sin before God liberated him. Come and listen and find out in what way honest heartfelt confession of our sins before God is good for our soul. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

The Christ Forsaken?

"Eloi, Eloi, lamasacthani?" (My God, my God why have you forsaken me?) What does it mean for the psalmist to say that in ps 22? And what does it mean for the Lord Jesus Christ to say that in his dying breath as he hung on the cross? And does that have anything to do with our own experiences of feeling forsaken? Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Psalm 22.

The Whole Difference an Empty Tomb Makes

Who was Jesus? Was he merely the latest prophet or teacher to appear with his radical teaching? Or the latest sensation with his miraculous deeds? Did he merely appear to gain popularity and to arouse a new hope, but only to fizzle out through his death on a cross? Come and listen from the perspective of Cleopas, one of the disciples of Jesus back then, on the whole difference an empty tomb makes! Pastor Edmund Fong plays the role of Cleopas.

Growing God’s Way - in Faith, Love, and Hope

What does God want us to have grown in the past year and in the coming year? Tune in and hear how God desires us to grow in faith, love and hope. Pastor Edmund preaches from 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3.

Who’s Clean and Unclean

God in Leviticus declares what is ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ in terms of the Israelites’ everyday living, hence teaching them that the God who saved them out of Egypt is the Holy God and one who has every right to define the boundaries of holiness! Jesus comes in the NT with radical authority to define ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ and more so, to make the unclean clean! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Leviticus 13:1-11 and 15:31.

Last Words

Come hear the Apostle Paul's last words to proclaim the gospel and finish well in the gospel. Most of all, come hear the last words of a man whose entire life was consumed by the gospel and caught up with the person of the Lord Jesus. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from 2 Tim 4:1-8.

Who Is Jesus and What Does It Have to Do with Us?

What exactly is a New Members' Service? And who exactly are we pledging our commitment to? John 1:1-18 shows us who is Jesus and what exactly He has come to do that so deserves our whole-hearted commitment and following. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

Leaving a Legacy

Come and hear the legacy that Joshua leaves behind for the Israelites - a legacy of God's covenantal faithfulness. A covenantal faithfulness to bless if the Israelites respond with the covenantal mutual response of faith and trust called for, but also to strike if the Israelites choose to rebel against God by clinging to other gods! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Joshua 23.

The Difference the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Makes

Come and hear the difference the resurrection of the Lord makes to Him, our understanding of Him and this world you and I live in! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Matthew 27:57 to 28:20.

Sent Out

Jesus sends out the 12 disciples on their mission to the towns of Israel. The mission will be marked by rejection and persecution, and Jesus encourages his disciples with the providential care of God. The disciples’ mission in turn challenges us to the identity of Jesus and provides reflection for our discipleship as we follow Him.

When We Need the New

Jeremiah 31:31-34 presents us with the hope of the New Covenant. But do we really need it? Come and find out why we need the New Covenant and what life is like under the New Covenant! Pastor Edmund Fong preaches.

Real Hope

Come and discover how God brings real hope to the people of Judah in the book of Jeremiah – a real hope in which God works mysteriously to bring salvation through judgement, homecoming through exile! Pastor Edmund preaches.

A Bizarre Betrayal

Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from Jeremiah 2, helping us to see why turning to idols is a bizarre betrayal of the Lord.

The Ten Commandments

How should we as NT Christians understand the OT Law, especially the 10 commandments? Fully and absolutely binding? Or fully redundant? Listen to Pastor Edmund Fong in this Saturday sermon as he gives the overview of the place of the ten commandments in the life of the Israelites and in our lives today.