Adam Road Presbyterian Church Podcast

God’s Before-and-After Story

Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preach from Ephesians 1, "God's Before-and-After Story".

New Life in Christ

In hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget what our New Life in Christ looks like. Listen to Pastor Jason Kwek as he preaches from Ephesians 2:1-10

Count Your Blessings in Christ

Go ahead! Name and count the blessings we are blest with in Christ! Then we will no longer live defeated lives. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Ephesians 1

What On Earth is God Doing in Heaven

Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preaches from Ephesians 1, "What On Earth is God Doing in Heaven".

Image, Bondage and Reimaging

Pastor Christopher Chia preaches on "Image, Bondage and Reimaging" from 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Follow Me

When Christ encountered Peter in John 21, He not only restored him to full apostleship but also taught that those in Christ must choose deliberately to follow Him and there is no other way to live the Christian life. Come listen to Elder Ho Yew Kee preaching from John 21:1-25.

Jonah’s Psalm

Given Jonah's dubious repentance, his prayer in Jonah 2 might've as well been left out. Yet, it's recorded for our correction, rebuke, and training in righteousness. Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Jonah 1:17-2:10.

Salvation comes from the Lord

We must learn the same lesson Jonah learns in chapter 2: Salvation comes from the Lord. And it is a salvation that comes when we were disobedient and under God’s judgement. Come listen to Pastor Edmund Fong preaching from Jonah 2

Stubborn Prophet vs Stubborn God

Why is Jonah so obstinate in disobeying God? And why is God not letting the prophet off the hook? Pastor Adrin Muñoz preaches from Jonah 1.

The Runaway Prophet

Why did Jonah run from God? What can we learn from God's dealing with Jonah? How can we apply those key lessons in our lives? Listen as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from Jonah 1.

Jesus is Risen

He is risen! So what? Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preaches on John 20 "Jesus is Risen".

Death of All Deaths!

God reveals Jesus’ death in John’s Gospel to be a death that fulfils Scripture and all that Jesus is and does in John’s Gospel so far. Jesus’ death finally glorifies God by revealing who God is in his glory and splendour — the one who is simultaneously the humiliated and exalted one. Pastor Edmund Fong preaches from John 19:16b-42.

Jesus Was Crucified, Died, and Was Buried

Though he had no sin, Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried in fulfilment of God’s word and to take away sin as God’s Passover Lamb. We can thank God for Jesus’ love and obedience at the cross because his death means that sinners who believe do not die but have eternal life. Sermon by Pastor Tan Sern Khoon taken from John 19:16b-42.


Light from Asia 007: Living as Foreigners Wherever We Are


When Hwee Yen moved from Singapore to the US, she struggled to understand her identity.  She had stopped her work to support her husband’s graduate studies and care for her children.  It was a new place, a new role, and even no community.  Eventually, she and her husband learnt to depend on Christ alone, and began to share the blessings of Christ with Chinese living in the US.  Now back in Singapore she counts herself as a foreigner, living to bring God’s eternal kingdom into the hearts of people.  Listen to her story. 


Why Jesus Prays

Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preaches on "Why Jesus Prays" from John 17 

The Lord’s Prayer

As Jesus face the coming of His hour, in the face of suffering, betrayal and finally death on the cross. What would Jesus pray for? Listen as Pastor Jason Kwek preaches from John 17

Going, Coming and Overcoming

In John 16:4b-33, Jesus teaches that as he goes away, the Spirit will come to convict the world and enlighten the apostles. In a little while, their sorrow at Jesus’ death will turn to joy at Jesus’ resurrection and they can take heart that Jesus overcomes the world. In our tribulation today, how can we also have joy, peace and courage? Come listen to the sermon by Pastor Tan Sern Khoon taken from the gospel John 16:4b-33.

Hated by the World

Come listen to "Hated by the World" sermon by Pastor Christopher Chia from the gospel of John 15:18:16-4.

Be Prepared for Persecution!

Come listen to Pastor Joe Heng preaching on "Be Prepared for Persecution!" from John 15:18-16:4a. 

Remain in Jesus or Else….

Come listen to Pastor Christopher Chia preaching on "Remain in Jesus.... or Else" from John 15:1-17.